What are the steps to getting a divorce in Minnesota?

You’ve decided to get a divorce. What is next? The decision to dissolve a marriage is one of the hardest parts of the process. Divorce in Minnesota can feel overwhelming – we are here to help! We’ve come up with a straightforward guide on how to get a divorce in Minnesota. With the first simple steps under control, you can come to Jeddeloh Snyder Stommes with your feet under you. We will take care of the rest.


Here are 7 steps to getting a divorce in Minnesota 

1. Make a Plan

Write down your most immediate concerns and some ideas on how you’d like to deal with them. For example, where will you live? If you have children, will you be taking them with you? Which shared possessions do you want to keep for yourself? Remember that there will be some discussion and compromise, but write down your plans. It may make it more challenging to get what you want later on if you do not state it upfront.


2. Get a handle on your budget

As stated above, write it down to give to your divorce attorney. Consider your income as a single person and the expenses you will have. Along with this, it’s important to consider any debt you have incurred – personally and with your spouse. Make a note of credit card debt, home improvement loans, auto loans, student loans, your mortgage, personal loans, and any other things you owe money to. Also, write down the amounts for each and whose name is officially on the loan. Having your financial information handy, as well as the other of these 7 steps to getting a divorce in Minnesota, will give your lawyer a clear picture of your financial state.

3. Make a list of all your property

List all physical and financial properties. Include homes, land, automobiles, stocks and bonds, 401k accounts, etc. You will have a clear picture of all the items that need to be discussed during the divorce.  

4. Secure your financial accounts.

Such as checking and savings accounts. Setting yourself up will protect your personal finances, keeping them separate from your spouse’s. In addition, it will empower you to control your finances and set you up for the future.  

5. Prepare forms and paperwork

To initiate a divorce in Minnesota, one spouse must fill out or write a Summons and Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. In this petition, the spouse who initiated the divorce must include information about the marriage, including children, debts, income, and any homes or property owned. This must be served to the other spouse via a third party – the Sheriff, a professional server, or even a friend.  

 6. Do your research

Be sure you are comfortable with the attorney, making sure you feel you can trust them and they have the experience to guide you through this time in your life. You also want to ensure that your attorney will be compassionate, patient, and understanding. Have a list of questions to ask the lawyers you meet, including their fees, processes, and specialties. Learn about the attorneys ahead of time by looking them up on AVVO or Lawyers.com.  

7. Keep family and friends “in the loop.”

You have a challenging experience ahead of you, and they will be your support system throughout the process. So keep your family and friends updated, and keep them close.  

 Where do you go from here?

You’ve decided to get a divorce, and this determination is the hardest part. However, with our 7 steps to getting a divorce in Minnesota, you now know where to start. Divorce in Minnesota can be overwhelming, but we are here to help. The details, questions, concerns, and worries might be scary, but with our 7 steps to getting a divorce in Minnesota, you can rest easy and let us take care of the rest.

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