Trials, Court Hearings, Appeals

When dealing with all areas of law, you may need to go through certain processes like trials, court hearings, and appeals. It’s important to have an experienced attorney to help you through it all.

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A trial is a formal examination of evidence before a court to settle a dispute between different parties. Trials can be held for common family law issues like divorce, custody, and paternity proceedings.

Court Hearings

Like a trial, a court hearing is a proceeding that takes place before a court or other decision-maker. What distinguishes a court hearing from a trial is that it is typically shorter and less formal than a trial.


An appeal is a process in which cases are reviewed where parties request a formal change to an official decision. Appeals function both as a process for error correction as well as a process of clarifying and interpreting the law. For example, an appeal can be made to show that the trial court made a legal error that affected the decision in the case.

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