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Divorce and separation often will bring up financial support options between former spouses; this is called spousal maintenance or alimony. While not necessarily required, Spousal Maintenance can be a way for a person to remain financially stable in the event of a divorce. A qualified family law attorney is well versed in spousal maintenance requirements and will help determine if spousal maintenance is an option for your divorce.

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What is Spousal Maintenance in Minnesota?

Spousal maintenance, sometimes referred to as alimony, is when one former spouse uses part of their earnings to support the other former spouse. The spouse with the lesser income is typically the one who is awarded this payment. The payments can either be temporary or permanent, and they can be changed or terminated in the future. Contacting a family law attorney is the best way to determine if this is an option in your divorce.


Who qualifies for Spousal Maintenance?

Often the former spouse that was considered the homemaker during the marriage is the one who may be awarded this type of payment. One spouse may have provided the family income while the other stayed home to take care of the household. When a divorce is filed, the homemaker may need some financial support until they can start earning their own income. There are other qualifying options for spousal maintenance as well; it is essential to consult with a St Cloud, MN divorce attorney & family law attorney to find out specifics


What factors are considered for Spousal Maintenance?

There are some things that are taken into consideration when awarding a spousal maintenance payment while going through a divorce or separation. This includes the standard of living for both parties during the marriage, the length of the marriage, and the homemaker’s contributions during the marriage. Each of these factors will be considered when consulting with your divorce attorney. A qualified divorce attorney will be able to answer your questions about spousal maintenance or alimony and any other family law questions you may have about your divorce.


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