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In the case of family matters, whether that entails divorce, child custody and support, or other financial disputes, it’s important to have an expert attorney to help you out. Attorney Kay Snyder is a hard-working lawyer in Divorce and Family Law that you can trust. So whatever legal assistance you may need when it comes to family and divorce, Attorney Kay Snyder is dedicated to help and support you and your family’s needs.
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There are many things to consider when going through a divorce. You have to take into account certain aspects such as financial security and property distribution all while facing a life-changing experience. Making decisions in a divorce can be very overwhelming. As a result, Divorce and Family Law attorney Kay Snyder is committed to finding the best solutions for you and your family.

Divorce in Minnesota - Questions answered by Attorney Kay Snyder

Divorce in Minnesota

Divorces aren’t always easy. It is a life-altering decision and going through a divorce can be very overwhelming. There are different types of divorces: contested divorce, uncontested divorce, and collaborative divorce. Each one has a different approach and typically comes with different outcomes. Therefore, it’s important to figure out how to go through the legal process of divorce that best suits you and your family.
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Property Division

Property and debt division are decisions that divorcing couples commonly have to make when going through the divorce process. They can make the decisions themselves, with or without the help of a mediator. Or, they can take matters into the hands of the court if they cannot come to an agreement. Because Minnesota is a no-fault state, all assets acquired during marriage must be divided equitably, or fairly, between the two former spouses.
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Property Division in a divorce in Minnesota
Spousal Maintenance | Alimony Minnesota

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance, sometimes referred to as alimony, is when one former spouse uses part of their earnings to support the other former spouse. The spouse with the lesser income is typically the one that is awarded spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance can either be temporary or permanent and it can also be changed or terminated in the future.
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It’s important to have a reliable attorney in family law. Whether you are seeking child support or child custody, looking into adoption, or seeking grandparent rights. That’s why Divorce and Family Law attorney Kay Snyder is committed to helping you out in anyway possible to ensure that you and your family are in the best hands.


Adopting a child can be a wonderful thing. In Minnesota, adoption laws are based on the best interest of the child. Certain laws also give special protection for children based on their age, status, and other factors. There are many different types of adoption to take into consideration, so it’s important to be aware of such information.
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Adoption in Minnesota - Questions answered by Attorney Kay Snyder

Child Support in Minnesota

Child support is something that one parent will usually seek to obtain from the other parent after a divorce or separation. In Minnesota, both parents are financially responsible for their child. As a result, they will both contribute an equal amount, or a fair amount, to the child.
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Child Custody in Minnesota - Questions answered by Attorney Kay Snyder

Child Custody in Minnesota

Child custody entails the living arrangements and the choices that are made in a child’s life after a divorce or separation. There are two different types of custody, legal and physical, and the parents can also decide on sole custody or sharing joint custody. In Minnesota, the best interest for the child is usually taken into consideration when deciding on custody of the child.

Learn how custody can be modified.

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Grandparent Rights

Whether the parents of a child are going through a divorce, separation, or have passed, the grandparents of that child have certain rights. In Minnesota, grandparents may petition for visitation rights to have contact with their grandchildren. Therefore, the courts may award those rights if they believe such contact is in the best interest of the child.
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Grandparent rights in Minnesota - Questions answered by Attorney Kay Snyder
Prenuptial Agreement in Minnesota - Questions answered by Attorney Kay Snyder

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is something that many people establish before getting into a marriage. It ensures their protection from the uncertainty of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements cover many different aspects in the event of a divorce. Therefore making it something to consider before starting a marriage.

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Under Minnesota law, paternity refers to the legal father of the child. When a child is born to a married woman, her husband is presumed to be the legal father of that child. In the case of the father not being married to the mother of his child, he may accept the paternity of that child. A man is financially responsible for the child once he is established as the legal father of a child. He also has custody rights to that child.

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Paternity in Minnesota - Questions answered by Attorney Kay Snyder


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